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Tips for Gaining Followers on Pinterest
Tips for Gaining Followers on Pinterest

Pinterest is gaining popularity day by day. This platform for sharing amazing photos, unique interests and innovative ideas can also be used as a medium for marketing your brand online. By gaining followers, you can solidify your brand and achieve substantial traffic to your website.

Tips for Gaining Followers on Pinterest

Tips for Gaining Followers on Pinterest

Listed below are a few tips for gaining followers on Pinterest:

  • Choose your boards wisely
  • Select the ideal time for pinning
  • Capitalize red letter days
  • Run contests to drive engagement 
  • Check out popular boards
  • Curate photos
  • Make all the requisite connections
  • Be consistent
  • Follow other pinners
  • Be your own self

Choose your boards wisely: 

If you have more than one board, choose the boards which are the most successful and work on promoting them. Pinterest focuses on the content and how people relate to it.

Select the ideal time for pinning:

You should pin during the afternoons and evenings during weekdays since there is a higher chance of people viewing your pins. Also, you can research as to what time your target market is the most active, and pin then.

Capitalize red letter days:

You can capitalize red letter days (festivals and national holidays) by pinning helpful suggestions on special recipes, what to buy as gifts, how to gift-wrap and so on. You can also pin other holiday-themed content before the actual holiday.

Run contests to drive engagement:

Running contests and giving away stunning prizes will surely attract instant attention and drive engagement. However, avoid running contests too frequently.

Check out popular boards:

Check out the boards where multiple pinners are sharing their content and which have over a thousand followers. This will get you exposure to new followers, thereby making your talent and time worthwhile.

Curate photos:

Select photos that fit your niche from different boards and pin them to your board. In addition to your own photos, these will grab the attention of viewers. 

Make all the requisite connections:

You must connect your Pinterest account to your website/online shop and to your other social media accounts. This will enable pins from the accounts to get attributed to you and you can get analytics on your Pinterest content.

Be consistent:

Pin your content every day. You can gain more followers when you have high-quality pins. Also, make sure to pin at least one photo each day.

Follow other pinners:

If you follow other pinners, most of them will follow you back. Also, following other pinners within your niche will bring alluring content to your Pinterest home screen. 

Be your own self:

Be yourself. Take risks and attempt something creative. People will sit up and take notice if you develop content that is time-tested, but innovative as well as thought-provoking.