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Types of YouTube Content Needed amid COVID-19 Crisis
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In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, people are focusing more and more on online streaming. There has been a surge in the usage of YouTube. People are turning to YouTube for lifting their spirits as it provides informative, uplifting and entertaining content.

YouTube is offering a wide range of useful and cheerful videos, such as comedy videos, DIY (do it yourself) videos, music-related videos, entertainment videos, and cooking-related videos. There are several various YouTube channels that produce substantial content every week. Brands need to take advantage of this scenario and develop ads that align with the current situation. YouTube is a veritable tool for marketers to generate leads and increase conversions.

Types of YouTube Content Needed amid COVID-19 Crisis

Given below is a list of YouTube video optimization tools that can help marketers ensure that their videos are up to date, and which can help boost the number of views:

  • Keyword Tool which helps in finding relevant keywords in the YouTube autocomplete database
  • Camtasia which enables them to edit their screen recordings, as well as to add effects, notes, voice narration/music and annotations to their videos
  • Canva which enables them to create high-quality, professional, relevant and attractive video thumbnails to attract viewers
  • TubeBuddy which enables them to monitor their YouTube channel by filtering the comments on their videos. It also enables video syndication, the addition of end screens and video thumbnail generation.
  • DrumUp which enables them to promote their YouTube videos simultaneously across other social media platforms. It also enables the customization of messages for each platform
  • vidIQ which enables them to measure their audience engagement and other search metrics