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Using Content for Marketing amid Tough Times

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis is having an adverse effect on online marketing. Due to the shift in consumer behavior, most of the brands and businesses are passing through a tough phase. It is imperative for the brands to focus on their marketing efforts now more than ever. 

Using Content for Marketing amid Tough Times

Making use of content is one of the surefire ways of achieving marketing success. Developing compelling content will go a long way towards gaining marketing traction. Also, brands need to make sure that they have more than sufficient content as backup to drive their marketing efforts. Listed below are a few tactics to leverage content in marketing:

  • Conducting a content audit: This indicates first identifying and then reevaluating the goals and metrics, revisiting the previously developed content and making appropriate changes for generating maximum engagement
  • Making use of videos: Videos are a great way of grabbing the attention of the target audience. Visual stimulation helps in retaining the content for a long period of time.
  • Having fully researched content assets that can be repurposed later: It is a good practice to have fully researched content assets as backup in order to repurpose them as and when required.
  • Creating content that is appropriate and relevant to the ongoing circumstances: It is highly essential to create sensitive, informative as well as engaging content that helps the audience during these trying times.
  • Keeping content production continuous: Content creation is an ongoing process. It is a good idea to be active on various social media platforms with several different forms of content production, such as blogs, infographics, podcasts, videos, and such.