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WhatsApp Introduces New Features for Businesses

FaceBook has announced that it is introducing new features on WhatsApp which enable brands and businesses to sell faster online. These new features are related to shopping and payment; and they focus on three aspects: shopping, FaceBook hosting services, and business sales.

WhatsApp Introduces New Features for Businesses
  • Shopping: The purpose of developing the features on WhatsApp is that both consumers and the brand/business can benefit from having a customized online shopping platform along with all the suitable payment options. FaceBook is extending all the ways in which customers can purchase products directly from WhatsApp Chat. It is also concentrating on combining WhatsApp with the existing eCommerce applications which the brands and businesses have been using previously. 
  • FaceBook hosting services: FaceBook has stated that it is releasing new mechanisms to enable SMBs (small and medium sized businesses) to oversee their chat and sales presence. Brands and businesses can use these mechanisms which have also been proclaimed to ease the process of conducting transactions while the employees are working from home.
  • Business Sales: FaceBook has announced that services such as chat, messaging and video calling will be offered free of charge while other services will be charged a certain amount.

A consumer opens WhatsApp to connect with a vendor, chats with the business, browses the catalog/inventory, adds product(s) to a shopping cart, reviews the order before paying for it, and then receives confirmation in a chat window on WhatsApp.