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YouTube Enhances Mobile Viewing Experience

YouTube has introduced new updates to its mobile app in order to enhance the mobile viewing experience for users. These updates include adjustments of the existing features, as well as the addition of new features; such as: better use of video chapters, more streamlined player page, new gestures, suggested actions, and bedtime reminders.

YouTube Enhances Mobile Viewing Experience
YouTube Enhances Mobile Viewing Experience
  • Better use of video chapters: YouTube has included a new list view, which enables users to browse and watch videos in a chronological order; after they tap or click on the chapter title in the app. Every chapter title will include a thumbnail which previews the content contained in the chapter.
  • More systematized player page: A few changes have been made to the player page, such as: the closed captions (CC) button being shifted to the top, the autoplay toggle switch being shifted to the top; and the other buttons being rearranged as well.
  • New gestures: YouTube has now simplified the process of entering and exiting the full screen mode. Users need to simply swipe up to enter the full screen mode and swipe down to exit it. They can also tap the time-stamp to instantly toggle between displaying the time elapsed and the time remaining.
  • Suggested actions: YouTube has also introduced suggested actions which compel the users to either rotate their phones or play the video  in virtual reality (VR) mode.

Bedtime reminders: Users can now set reminders in YouTube for particular times, which will enable them to stop watching the videos and go to bed.